Different Types Of Packaging Materials For Fragile Glassware

The fragile glassware travels a long distance from the manufacturing plant to the retail stores and finally reaches your homes. There is no surprise that this whole journey can easily crack or break the glassware but still you receive them in superfine condition when you buy them. This is possible due to the effective and protective packaging boxes that prevent them from damaging, especially by absorbing the shocks.

expanded polystyrene for packaging

Given below are different types of packaging box materials for fragile products:   

Polystyrene – it is one the most used packaging materials when it comes to pack and transport fragile glassware. They are used for making polystyrene mug boxes, glasses, bowls and many other things. The products are safe and secure in this kind of packaging. They are very light in weight as well as they provide good support to the products packed in it. Due to its soft and flexible structure, it absorbs the shocks and doesn’t let the glassware get damaged even a bit.

Cork – it is another most used material for packaging of fragile products like glassware. Cork is an eco friendly product and it can be easily molded in any shape. Thus, it provides good support to any kind of product. A good thing about cork packaging is that it can be used as creative packaging and many manufacturers print the logo and product description on it. Cork is one of the best packaging products for glassware because it has good shock absorbing power and its thick layer gives cushiony walls.

Guest post by James Hutton Mouldings

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What Are The Advantages Of Hot Metal Spray?

The Arc metal spray is a process which projects molten metal or mixture of any two metals on any surface and this process is not only comparatively easier than other spray coating processes. In Marseille, there are a lot of companies providing these services with professional workers as well as equipments. Also, known as hot metal spraying, you can hire these specialists from Marseille to spray coat anything necessary like pipes, metal joints or anything that needs a little more strength.

metal coating

Given below are some advantages of this process:

Low cost coating – While other process can cost you big bills for metal coating, this process can be done at very cheaper rates. As compared to HVOF and Plasma spray, metal spray costs very less as it doesn’t require much energy and other associated materials. Their equipments take 5-10kW of energy while any other process’s equipments may take more than 50kW. So, the agencies offer this process at lower cost.       

Double metal spray – With this process, you can get the benefit of mixed coating. In this process, a mixture of two melted metals is sprayed. So, instead of getting a coat of two mixtures separately, you can get it all done in single coat.

Safe and risk free – Other spray coatings combust harmful gases and produce a high wave of plasma energy which continuously and slowly causes harm to the workers. But with hot metal spray there are no such issues and it doesn’t cause any harm to anyone.

Guest post by Industries des Sud

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Major Services Provided By Rendering Agencies

Nowadays, people spend equal money on their exteriors as they do on their interiors, just not for the durability and reliability but also to beautify the exterior look of the home. You can also hire the services of the best renderers from West Midlands to make your home look unique.

Some of the major services provided by rendering agencies:

Plastering – Plastering is the most common form of rendering that you can usually see anywhere in the world. But it is one of the trickiest rendering procedures and requires skilled hands to get the perfect, silky and smooth texture. So, you should always hire the professional plasterers from West Midlands.

Sprayed Roughcast – This kind of rendering is the process of spraying coarse mixture of gravel and plaster which gets stick to the wall and gives a unique look to the wall with smooth gravel texture. You should not confuse it with pebble dash because roughcast it sprayed with wet plaster.

Silicon Rendering – As the name suggests, this kind of rendering has super smooth texture and also it is best known for its high water resistant quality, and also they are vapor permeable. You can also choose this kind of rendering in different color shades.

Brick effect rendering – it is based on the traditional rendering but with modem techniques. In this, instead of using actual bricks for brick effect, the renders sprays brick colored wet coat on the wall and then creates a brick frame effect with tools. It is easier and also looks even more amazing than the traditional one.

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Regulation Updates 2019: What You Need to Know

With the ministry of construction making amends on the builders and new homes act its time all construction companies take note of the change and leverage it to their advantage. The latest amends to the regulation will cause builders to focus on productivity and improved buildings and do their part to support more economic housing innovation in private sector residential project development.

With foreign builder entry barriers, pricing regulation will allow for construction and house building companies to meet the demand of more homes for more people across the UK.

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Eco-friendly construction the need of the day

With global temperatures soring faster than expected, it’s time we collectively think of sustainable options across verticals. The need for eco-friendly housing and construction solutions is important more than ever. Builders must turn towards materials that have lower carbon footprint and help keep the house temperatures low. This will be a natural way for our community to improve the way we build and reduce the energy requirements of the society.

As we keep exploring for newer materials and solutions to address this global problem, UK centre for sustainable design and construction is offering a 12 week approved certification course over the next 4 months. This course is ideal for builders to learn more about eco-friendly ways to build and will be entitled to government subsidies of using sustainable building materials. Registering via SSI Steel, will give you full admission fee waiver. Call us to learn more.

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