Steps To Follow For Waterproofing Your Roof

The roof is the most exposed part of the property and thus is more prone to damage due to the action of the weather. In UK, most house owners consider getting the roof waterproofed to prevent damage during rainy and winter seasons. Here are some essential steps that need to be followed during the process.

Cut too close branches of the tree – Weaken branches of the tree can damage your newly waterproof roof in thunderstorms. So, cut all weak branches and trim too close branches to ensure the safety of the roof.

Insulate your attic – Insulation helps to maintain the room-temperature of the home. You should get the best quality attic insulation which can prevent temperature fluctuations for a long time as it helps to avoid warp or damage in the roof structure.

Use seam tape to cover seams – If the roof of your house is concrete-based, prefer to use only seam tape. It helps to avoid the water seeping problem in the roof. So, you must cover your exterior roofing with seam tape. Apply strong pressure to ensure that the seal is fixed properly.

Apply a layer of water repellent – Most roofing companies avoid this step to provide low-budget waterproofing. But you should get this water repellent layer applied. This helps to increase the life of the waterproofing. For getting the best services, you can contact Duracoat in UK.

Apply the heat tape on the gutter and other areas – In the winter season, the roof is filled with a large amount of ice for 1-2 months. It can damage the roof severely. So, you should apply the heat tape on your roof as it helps to melt the ice and prevent water seeping, and moisture in the roof.

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